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We have made it easier for you to choose eco-friendly sustainability with our food packaging supplies in Melbourne VIC.  At directserv, you can easily source biodegradable, full compostable, and full recyclable food packaging supplies Melbourne for your food business or hospitality operations.  According to a recent study on food packaging supplies being sold in Australian stores, more than 80% have been found to be non-recyclable. The single-use plastic problem is not unique to the country, however, as the United Nations has already dubbed the plastic pollution — especially in oceans and waterways — as a “planetary crisis”.

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Our food packaging supplies are sourced and produced using recyclable, sustainable materials that are plastic-free and biodegradable: sugarcane, paper, palm, bamboo, and more.  With more operations opting for eco-friendly packaging, we’re one step closer to helping the planet, one local community, and one small business at a time. Place your orders for food packaging supplies Melbourne here at directserv.

directserv Disposable Food Packaging Australia: Find What You Need Here

Our selections of eco-friendly food packaging supplies are meant to cater to your food business’ every packaging need.  directserv supplies food containers, coffee cups, paper products, cutlery, packaging bags, and more.

Food packaging supplies do more than just pack food whether for your food business operations or for personal kitchen use. The best packaging options can prevent spills, leaks, and stains. Features such as greaseproof lining can keep spills and drips under wraps.

Additionally, high-quality packaging can keep food warm and of the best quality right before serving it to your customers. If you’re operating a food stall or offering takeaways in your restaurant or café, getting premium-quality food packaging supplies Melbourne should be one of many priorities.

Disposable Food Packaging Supplies “Near Me”

Make the sustainable choice for your operations today — switch to renewable, sustainable packaging that’s made for the future.  directserv is your valuable source of food packaging supplies Melbourne. Get in touch with us to know more or browse through our site to find the best food packaging supplies Melbourne your operation requires.

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